Government by corporation

As scandal after scandal is revealed and ignored, and the prospect of any kind of trade agreement with the EU disappears over the horizon, one can’t help but wonder exactly what the goals of this so-called government actually are. What kind of post-Brexit, post-COVID world is our Tory leaders trying to create? Or is it all just down to greed and corruption?

Perhaps the answer becomes clearer if we stop thinking of Johnson, Raab, Hancock et al as leaders of our country and instead think of them as board members of a corporation that is the Tory Party. Boris is CEO, Sunak is CFO and so forth.

As such, the goal of this corporation is the same as that of any corporation: namely to maximise return to its shareholders. We might fondly imagine these shareholders to be the citizens of this country, or perhaps the taxpayers, but that is to misunderstand the situation. As with any corporation, the shareholders are those who have invested in the company: namely those who have donated to the party. And as with any corporation, the primary motivation of the Tory Party is to maximise their return. Look at it from that perspective and much becomes clear.

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